Cooking Utensil Tip: Silicone Baking Mat

Jump in the kitchen this new year with a determination to try your hands at baking. It can become a hobby and is quite therapeutic, even if you never eat anything you bake. It could give you a chance to give to the community or to family and friends. Regardless of why you end up baking, having the right utensils is key to ensuring your goods come out tasting wonderful and looking much the same.

The baking sheet is one of the more obvious items you will need in the kitchen before you start rolling dough and stirring ingredients. Often the problem with these baking sheets is your baked goods become sticky and difficult to remove. This is why Chef Lawrence Fogarty suggests using a silicone baking mat.

The silicone baking mat creates a non-stick barrier on baking sheets. According to Lawrence, the use of a silicone baking sheet eliminates the need for adding fat to a pan to prevent sticking, which is a rather unhealthy solution.

"You essentially eliminate the need to grease the pan or use an aerosol spray for that purpose," he said.

Purchasing a silicone baking mat will remove some of the headaches behind baking and will really turn it into a therapeutic act. So get rid of the butter or lard and grab a baking mat, and get to baking those great pastries and breakfast items.

Watch for Chef Lawrence's monthly selection of the utensils you will need in your kitchen.

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