Cooking Tip: Cooking with Salt

Cooking in the kitchen, grilling outside, or baking in the oven, you are more than likely going to need to use salt. Salt is a fixture in food, but this common ingredient has more uses than for simply seasoning your food.

"You can essentially use salt to 'cook' by liberally coating with salt and allowing it to denature items such as eggplant, cucumbers, onions, cabbage," said Chef Lawrence Fogarty. "Soaking proteins such as beef, chicken, and fish in salted water helps to eliminate impurities and blood. It can also help remove the muddy taste from river fish."

Lawrence suggests using this tip prior to cooking the proteins rather than using heat. He said this technique is helpful for everyday cooking because it replaces the need for using heat to prepare foods for the body's digestion.

At MAIN Restaurant this technique is used in pickling onions used in salads and on burgers.

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